361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund

Welcome to the Raymond James 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund (AGAZX | AGAQX) Resource Center. We are happy to share that our Fund is on the Alternative Mutual Fund Focus List.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Chris McQuillan at 303.224.3934 or cmcquillan@361capital.com.

Fund Highlights Since Inception:*

  • 65% of its return comprised of alpha
  • Outperformed 94% of its peers (Ranked 13 of 221 funds by Morningstar**)
  • Has returned 115% of the MSCI World Index with 71% of the volatility, while only capturing 35% of the drawdown

    *Data is from 2/1/2014 to 9/30/2017, representing the Fund’s first full month of operation.
    **Morningstar quartile ranking from 1/1/2015-9/30/2017 due to Morningstar not recognizing the predecessor account.

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