NFL Alphas and Super Bowl Picks

Brady or Ryan? Who to wager on in the big game on Sunday? Our partners at Analytic Investors, who sub-advise the 361 Capital Long/Short Equity Strategies, have been putting their notable quantitative skills to the test of predicting the Super Bowl winner for the past 13 years, with enviable results. Coming off last year’s correct prediction that our Denver Broncos would emerge victorious, they are now 10-3 overall.

As you could expect from a quant shop, there is no room in their equation for the highly subjective analyses that have been spewed continuously from sports commentators since the minute the AFC Championship game concluded. For Analytic, it’s all analytical. Which teams have exhibited the highest alpha? The lowest volatility? Who could be expected to benefit from mean reversion? With a mere 3-point spread on the big game, the margin of error is small, so take a read and find out how to “invest” wisely.

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