• Quiet Summer?

    June 19, 2017

    The last two weeks of June are usually a good time to recharge the batteries and get away. Unfortunately, last week kept many of those out of the office attached to their smartphones and their boats tied up at the docks. Politics in Washington, London and Paris kept much of our attention…

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  • Who Pulled the Plug?

    June 12, 2017

    You would have thought the world of technology stocks had entered a recession after reading the weekend press and blogs. Friday was an interesting day with the Goldman FAAMG piece dampening enthusiasm for large cap tech stocks and several large sell programs rippling through the markets…

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  • Bumpy but Straight...

    June 5, 2017

    The financial markets continued to absorb major news events with surprising ease last week. Be it the tragedies in the U.K., the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement or the weakness in Friday’s employment data, the stock and bond markets both continued to edge higher…

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  • Portfolio Roadtrip

    May 30, 2017

    Don’t forget to send your portfolio on the road this summer as there are likely to be many more gifts found overseas than in the U.S. The international markets have lower valuations, improving growth and possibly even more political certainty than here…

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  • Yawn...

    May 22, 2017

    Expectations for U.S. growth continue to slow as distractions in Washington D.C. take away from the aggressive legislative agenda. The U.S. Dollar broke to six-month lows last week while the U.S. Yield Curve flattened to levels not seen since before the November election.

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