• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Melting Upward

    January 16, 2018

    All of this economic activity is not only firing up welding rods, but it is increasing the values of our investment portfolios. Risk assets continue to be bought across the board while Treasuries remain for sale.

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  • Wall Street Mood Monitor

    4th Quarter

    The Wall Street Mood Monitor is a three-factor model gauging the climate or “mood” for active management within each sector. The factors include sentiment, earnings trends and correlations. Find out which sectors may be a sweet spot for active management.

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  • Bull Markets Command Highlight Reels, but Defense Deserves the Game Ball

    Humans seem hard-wired to emphasize offensive gains. Football games are remembered by the winning touchdown pass, not the defense holding an opponent to a field goal. Investing is no different. Bull markets command attention. Investors give less focus to downside protection and its understated—but crucial—role in determining long-term outcomes.

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  • Long/Short Equity: Improving Outcomes for Core Portfolios

    Long/short equity funds make up the largest single-strategy alternative mutual fund category, but their popularity hasn’t always translated into proper placement within a portfolio. The primary benefits of long/short equity funds are often underappreciated, and worse yet, the strategy is often square-pegged into an “alternatives” allocation of a client’s asset mix where it may provide less value.

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  • Why Your Portfolio Needs Global Exposure

    Globally flexible managers have been shifting allocations of late, as it’s become more and more evident that U.S. stocks are overvalued and due for a correction, and as improving economic data and sentiment abroad boosts foreign markets.



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