• Weekly Research Briefing:
    More of the same...

    October 16, 2017

    It was another week of new highs across the major indexes as the markets ignored Washington and geopolitics, focused on the global economic picture and waited for the surge of corporate earnings reports.

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  • Wall Street Mood MonitorTM

    3rd Quarter 2017

    The Wall Street Mood Monitor is a three-factor model gauging the climate or “mood” for active management within each sector. The factors include sentiment, earnings trends and correlations. Find out which sectors may be a sweet spot for active management.



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  • Bounded Rationality:
    Tapping Investor Behavior to Source Alpha

    Behavioral biases influence even the most expert investors, and often create a predictable pattern of how future company expectations could evolve.


  • The Dangers of Investing Complacency

    We are all aware that sustained volatility has been absent for an extended period; but the good times can’t last forever, and investors need to consider what changes are necessary to position themselves for success in the years to come.



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  • Why Your Portfolio Needs Global Exposure

    Globally flexible managers have been shifting allocations of late, as it’s become more and more evident that U.S. stocks are overvalued and due for a correction, and as improving economic data and sentiment abroad boosts foreign markets.



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