• Weekly Research Briefing:

    April 17, 2017

    While the world’s superpowers reposition their military strength toward the borders of North Korea, the financial markets look to be following closely in their wake and reordering their asset weighting toward one of less risk.

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  • Bounded Rationality: Tapping Investor Behavior to Source Alpha

    February 2017

    Behavioral biases influence even the most expert investors, and often create a predictable pattern of how future company expectations could evolve.

  • The New Core Allocation:
    Long/Short Equity

    With equity valuations at elevated levels, subdued economic growth due to changing demographics and stubbornly low productivity gains, as well as a bleak outlook for fixed income, advisors are challenged to rethink foundational portfolio elements of investor portfolios—which means seeking out strategies that bolster the core going forward.

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  • The Long/Short Advantage

    Long/short equity can limit volatility within the portfolio, stabilize the sequence-of-returns and narrow the possible outcomes to help investors and their advisors better plan.

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  • Actively Going Passive, But at What Expense?

    As we’ve traveled around the country visiting with advisors, a few common themes have arisen. First, frustration associated with trying to make sense of the artificial environment that has been created by central bankers. And second, a similar level of exasperation over the inability of active managers to make sense of the artificial environment…hmm.

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