• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Just more of the same...

    July 17, 2017

    Last week was a reflection of the past few months:

    1) Comments from the Fed heads that they want to tighten…
    2) Slower than expected U.S. economic data…
    3) Causes reduced interest in the U.S. Dollar…
    4) And increasing interest in foreign growth…

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  • Alpha in all Environments:
    Navigating Through Calm and Crisis

    Investing in the current market environment brings its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, just like every market before it, and likely every market hereafter. To fully prepare a portfolio to weather whatever may come, incorporating investment strategies that can withstand the test of time is paramount.

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  • Preparing for Volatility Expansion in Investor Portfolios

    As advisors work to position client portfolios for market conditions which may lay ahead, a common question is how certain investments may perform in an expanding volatility environment—an important consideration given recent low levels of volatility—and historical patterns of reversion.

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  • How to Identify True Diversifiers

    Proper diversification is a must if your goal is to build a portfolio that you can actually stick with over multiple market cycles, including tumultuous times. True diversifiers are rare, but there is another option beyond investment grade debt –
    Managed Futures.

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  • Bounded Rationality:
    Tapping Investor Behavior to Source Alpha

    Behavioral biases influence even the most expert investors, and often create a predictable pattern of how future company expectations could evolve.