About Us

We think the evolution taking place in active management is good, and today’s asset managers have a lot to prove. We also believe there’s meaningful alpha at the edges of traditional and alternative strategies and we’ve discovered leading-edge ways to find it. For us, that means going a degree beyond…beyond typical investment strategies and beyond status quo thinking. It means being committed to offering clients the above-and-beyond experience they have every right to expect.

We were founded on that principal in 2001.

We are 361 Capital

We benchmark to consistent alpha and client outcomes, not just indexes.

We are a leading boutique asset manager at the intersection where traditional and nontraditional asset management meet in a whole new way. We serve vigilant, forward-thinking advisors and institutions and seek to bring forward the best investment solutions that provide measured results: whether engineered by us or through our proven asset management partners. Our resources are directed at our clients and their needs—a commitment that drives us every day.

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That’s what we do. Now, here’s how we do it.

We’ve been proponents and practitioners of alternative investing since our founding. And while our business is evolving and our strategies are expanding, there are common threads and foundational pillars that unite us.

Boutique Advantage: Alpha-seeking specialists

      • Seek to generate consistent alpha via laser-focused teams
      • Remain nimble, transparent, accessible
      • Maintain investment centricity, including disciplined management of capacity

Academic Rigor: Research is a cultural construct

      • Keep research central to everything we do
      • Offer expertise and accessibility to complex markets and strategies
      • Stay on the edge of shifting markets and client needs

Distinctive Solutions: Actively managing innovation

      • Deliver distinctive, research-driven solutions engineered to produce predictable outcomes
      • Align creativity, collaboration and cross-company commitment to innovation
      • Develop cutting edge approaches to deliver unique sources of returns (e.g., employing research in counter-trend managed futures, low volatility anomalies and behavioral-finance)

For us, it’s not just about developing innovative investing concepts. It’s about developing innovative concepts with the potential to transform client experiences and results.


Founded 2001
Headquarters Denver, CO
Ownership Independent, Majority Employee-Owned
Investment Methodology Active, Quantitative Methods
Investment Team Average Experience 27 Years
Strategic Partners Lovell Minnick, LLC
Lighthouse Partners, LLC

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Pensions & Investments | 2017

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