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We believe that a winning portfolio includes a combination of both passive and active investments. That investors need both broad market exposure, as well as strategies that have the potential to outperform the status quo. Founded in 2001, 361 Capital is a leading boutique asset manager. We offer a suite of actively managed alternative and behavioral-based equity strategies that seek to deliver meaningful alpha, manage risk and offer diversification potential to investor portfolios.

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Boutique Advantage
Our boutique structure provides full transparency—putting our investment team within easy reach so investors know first-hand how our strategies operate.

Active Innovation
We are committed to delivering unique sources of returns by employing pioneering research in counter-trend managed futures, low volatility anomalies and behavioral finance.

Alpha-Seeking Specialists
Our ability to consistently deliver alpha across our strategies is proven—with 80% delivering positive alpha since their inception1.

Alternatives Experts
Our heritage is firmly rooted in alternatives. This deep expertise benefits our investors by helping them better understand and manage portfolio risk.

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1 As of 09/30/2018. Alpha measures the difference between a fund’s actual and expected returns, based on beta, and is generally used as a measure of a manager’s added value over a passive strategy. Alpha calculation includes strategies with a minimum three-year track record.


Founded 2001
Headquarters Denver, CO
Ownership Independent, Majority Employee-Owned
Investment Team Avg Experience 29 Years
Strategic Partners Lovell Minnick, LLC
Lighthouse Partners, LLC

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