Investment Advisor: Volatility Brings a
Rude Awakening

Josh Vail, CAIA, reminds advisors that a byproduct of the market’s calm period is that investors may be more complacent and less prepared for more normal volatility levels. Exploiting the Low
Volatility Anomaly

Harin de Silva, Ph.D., CFA, portfolio manager of the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund, discusses the fund and its strategy which seeks equity-like returns while managing risk.

Pensions&Investments: Quant manager offers some bracket advice

John Riddle, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, offers research and advice on building a competitive NCAA March Madness bracket.

Time: Want to Win March Madness? These 10 Players Could Lift Your Bracket to Office Pool Victory

361 Capital's "The Psychology Undermining March Madness Brackets" is noted in the piece as it applies behavioral research to tournament picks.

U.S. News & World Report: How to Use a Price-Earnings Ratio for Investing

John Riddle, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, discusses P/E Ratio and how analysts use it multiple ways.

CNBC: Machado and Harper haven't signed because baseball teams are now run like Wall Street 'quant funds'

361 Capital is quoted providing the history of quantitative investing.

Investment Advisor: Alt Strategies to Capture Alpha in Volatile Markets

Josh Vail, CAIA, explains how investors can avoid beta in volatile markets and that market neutral funds are one of the only strategies that can fully strip away beta.

Ignites: Market Sours for Active Management

John Riddle, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, discusses the results of the fourth quarter Wall Street Mood Monitor, a model that gauges the climate for active management, as well as the bright spot of the quarter.

U.S. News & World Report: 8 Questions to Ask During Volatile Markets

Blaine Rollins, CFA, and Josh Vail, CAIA both answer questions that investors should ask during volatile markets.

Investment Advisor: Making Portfolio Construction That’s Built to Last

Andrea Coleman, CAIA, discusses the importance of constructing a portfolio that’s designed to withstand the unpredictable nature of what the next 10 years might bring.
Best Places to Work in Money Management Trophy: 361 Capital 

Pensions&Investments: Best Places to Work in Money Management 2018

Pensions & Investments recognizes 361 Capital for the third consecutive year as a Best Places to Work in Money Management 2018.
Wall Street Journal Where to Put Your Money in 2019 

Wall Street Journal: Where to Put Your Money
in 2019

Josh Vail, CAIA, discusses the need to build a diversified portfolio in the new year.

Investment Advisor: How to Use Alts and Capitalize on Volatility

Josh Vail, CAIA, discusses risk budgeting, how it works and the challenge facing advisors.

Investment Advisor: A Simple Framework to Prepare for the Next Bear Market

Josh Vail, CAIA, writes about how alternative strategies can help protect client gains in this aging bull market.

Ignites: 361 Promotes Sales Chief to President

361 Capital’s Senior Vice President and Director of Sales has moved into the position of president, relieving current chairman and CEO Tom Florence of that role.

Pensions&Investments: 361 Capital appoints president

361 Capital announced that Josh Vail, CAIA, has been promoted to President and Toller Miller, CIMA, to Vice President, Director of Sales.

Barron's: The Dow Gets a Lift From Earnings, Gain in China

John Riddle, CIO, discusses how Wall Street analyst sentiment cooled in the third quarter of 2018.

Pensions&Investments: 361 Capital sponsors heroes run for a charity that helps veterans

361 Capital hosted a 9/11 Heroes Run to benefit the Travis Manion Foundation. The foundation raises funds to help veterans in need.

Kiplinger: 12 Top Stock Picks to Shield Your Portfolio

Blaine Rollins, CFA, suggests investors may want to think carefully and critically about the next bear market and its underlying nature.

Investment Advisor: Diversifying Strategies to Defend Gains

We highlight why taking a more defensive posture now may allow for a better pivot to offense when conditions are again in investors' favor.

Citywire: Ditch the Hype to Land Returns in Managed Futures

We discuss how 361 Capital captures the opportunities brought about by investors' behavioral biases.

Ignites: Industry Hooligans Show
World Cup Spirit

Even though the U.S. did not qualify for this year’s World Cup in Russia, there has been plenty of interest in the soccer tournament across the industry. Denver-based 361 Capital is holding a bracket-style challenge that more than 100 people have entered.

WealthManagement: Do Long/Short Equity Funds Work?

Freed from a long-only constraint, long/short managers have greater flexibility to search for alpha. But WealthManagement found only one fund that beat out a typical 60/40 core portfolio.

Investment Advisor: How Exposed Is Your Long/Short Manager?

We highlight the importance of understanding how much market exposure your long/short manager is taking to generate returns.

Ignites: Morningstar Aims to Help Big Investors Parse Alt, Allocation Funds

We address how the new Morningstar subcategories will be helpful to advisors.

Investment Advisor: How to Measure Returns in Volatile Times

We discuss the importance of statistics as a tool in portfolio construction, but reminds us that to be of value, they must also be properly understood.

Investment Advisor: Volatility's Bite Returns: What Now?

We talk volatility and the expectations for 2018.

Investment Advisor: How to Achieve True Portfolio Diversification

We take a look at what measurements you should consider when evaluating managed futures funds.

Pensions & Investments: March Madness gets the quant treatment

John Riddle, CFA, highlights the behavioral biases that can affect financial decisions and also bust a March Madness bracket.

MoneyLife: Interview with Blaine Rollins

Blaine Rollins, CFA, discusses the market environment with show host Chuck Jaffe.

Investment Advisor: Preventive Medicine for Portfolios

We stress why investors need to be thinking about how to build portfolios in a materially different way from what they have done historically.

Wealth Management: The Dangers of Investing Complacency

We explain risk management and the importance of avoiding a false sense of security.

InvestmentNews: Are investors getting complacent?

Tom Florence, President and CEO, discusses growing investor complacency and why he thinks overconfidence might be creeping into adviser and investor decision making. IMPACT VOICES -
Tom Florence

Tom Florence, President and CEO, lends his perspective on the state of alternatives during the Schwab IMPACT Conference.

Investment Advisor: Charting a New Course With Alts

We take a look at how and why risk-control strategies using alternative investments are becoming the new normal. (And what is an alternative investment, anyway?)

Investment Advisor: Why Long/Short Equity Makes Sense Now

We discuss how in periods of equity market uncertainty and dwindling returns for fixed income, investors use long/short equity strategies to capture equity-like returns while managing downside risk.

Pensions & Investments: Bounded Rationality: Tapping Investor Behavior to Source Alpha

John Riddle, CFA, explains the behavioral biases that creep into the expectations of even the most sophisticated investors — in this case Wall Street analysts.

U.S. News & World Report: Are Managed Futures Funds Worth a Look?

We explain how managed futures do best in times of steady volatility and rising rates.

Investment Advisor: What is Alpha and
Why Do We Care?

We define alpha and explores where to find alpha today.

Investment Advisor: Global Macro Mutual Funds — A Primer

We highlight global macro funds and their inclusion in a portfolio.

Investment Advisor: Back to Basics:
The Utility of Alternatives

We explore why now is the time for investors to consider tools that can be employed in a diversified portfolio. The Math of a Big Loss

We discuss how hedged growth strategies can potentially turn the math of a big loss into an equation for a big gain.

Investment Advisor: Human Behavior + Computational Ease: Enter the Age of Agility

We discuss how the most successful managers are free from arbitrary constraints.
Harin De Silva Interview - Long Short Ideas for 2017 Why High-Quality, Low-Beta Stocks Will Win Big in 2017

Harin de Silva, President of Analytic Investors and sub-advisor of the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund discusses high-quality, low-beta stocks heading into 2017. More Fund Information and Definitions >

Investment Advisor: With BRC Acquisition, 361 Capital ‘Exploits’ Analysts’ Behavior

CEO Tom Florence discusses 361 Capital's recent acquisition of BRC Investment Management.

Investment Advisor: Actively Going Passive, but at What Cost?

We discuss the shift of assets from active management to passive management and reminds us that mean reversion can be mean. Why Long/Short Equity Makes Sense Now

We discuss one option for tackling these unpredictable and challenging times by examining the effectiveness of long/short equity strategies.

401kSpecialist: Why Aren’t Liquid Alts More Popular in 401ks?

We discuss how as retirement approaches alternatives can potentially limit volatility in a portfolio; stabilize sequence of returns and narrow possible outcomes. It's The Sum Of The Parts That Matter When Building A Portfolio

We discuss when client education becomes too much information when talking to clients about alternative investments.

Investment Advisor: It's Groundhog Day for Low-Volatility Investors

We discuss why investors might be caught in a behavioral time loop, destined to repeat mistakes that end in red ink. The Growing Pains of the Liquid Alt Market

361 Capital’s President and CEO Tom Florence discusses the wide performance dispersion among alternative funds.
Tom Florence, Chairman and CEO, 361 Capital 

Strategic Investor Radio: Interview with Tom Florence, President and CEO

361 Capital’s President and CEO Tom Florence explains the benefits of alternatives, especially given the low-anticipated return environment, with Charley Wright on Strategic Investor Radio.

Investment Advisor: Reorienting Portfolios for a New World

We explain why we believe advisors need to help investors increase their adoption of globally oriented strategies.

Investment Advisor: How to Identify True Diversifiers

We highlight the importance of proper diversification and how to identify true diversifiers in a portfolio.

Investment Advisor: 3 Alternative Investing Strategies to Watch

361 Capital’s President and CEO Tom Florence discusses three alternative strategies where he sees a lot of interest growing among investors and their advisors.

Investment Advisor: The New Core Allocation: Long-Short Equity

We discuss the new core and why long-short equity could replace a large portion of the traditional stock-and-bond core.

Investment Advisor: Putting All of Your “Alts” in One Basket?

We discuss options for investors new to alternatives.

FINalternatives: Why Rising Rates Can Bring Good News for Some Alternatives

We discuss how a higher interest rate environment can be good for some alternatives.

Investment Advisor: The Dangers of Investing Complacency

We discuss the risks of preparation without full implementation.

HedgeCo.Net: The Allocation Dilemma for Alternative Investments

We discuss how much to allocate to alternatives. Long/Short Equity Funds: The Best and Worst of September

We discuss the long/short equity category. Advisers using alternative investments still struggle with allocations

We discuss allocations to alternatives. Alternatives Managers Mull Performance Measurements

We explore the crucial steps in
measuring the performance of alternative mutual funds.

Investment Advisor/ Long-Short Equity Funds: Heroes or Hype?

We explore whether long-short equity funds have performed within expectations.

Investment Advisor/ Tom Florence interviewed on the Role of Liquid Alts

We discuss 361’s alpha thesis and what differentiates the firm.

Investment Advisor/ In Alts Investing, Managing Expectations Is Top Priority

Jeremy Frank, FRM, discusses the need to educate investors on what alternatives can do and what they should reasonably expect. Bigger Altenative Funds Not Always Better Says 361 Capital CEO

361 Capital’s President and CEO Tom Florence discusses alternative investments with the possibility of higher interest rates. Q&A with Tom Florence

361 Capital’s President and CEO Tom Florence introduces 361 Capital and the firm's counter-trend managed futures strategy.

Investment Advisor/ Volatility: Why It Matters and What You Should Do About It

We detail the reasons volatility can be problematic to your portfolio.

Investment Advisor/ The Portfolio Trade Deadline Approaches: 60/40 Needs an Upgrade

We examine the misconceptions investors have about diversification.