5 Books for Your Summer Reading List

Summer is here and that means people will be hitting the out of office button for a mid-year break. While many more of us will be doing road trips or stay-cations this year, it’s still a good time to do some summer reading. So, we asked our 361 team for some recommendations to add to your shopping cart.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf 
by Ben Hogan
Recommended by Tom Florence | Chairman & CEO

This is probably the greatest instructional book ever written about the fundamentals of the golf swing. A true manual for those that want to improve their golf game written by one of the greatest players ever. I read it over 20 years ago and refer to it often for quick tips to help me improve my game.


The Expanse Book Series
by James S. A. Corey

Recommended by Josh Vail, CAIA | President

A modern science fiction series that starts with a solar system wide conspiracy that begins with a missing girl. It’s a TV series on Amazon Prime too, although I haven’t watched it. Word is it was on a different network for the first two seasons and then got canceled. Jeff Bezos watched and liked it so he bought the rights and started production.


How Champions Think
by Dr. Bob Rotella
Recommended by Jennifer Brookfield | Vice President, Marketing

Ever wonder how average people become exceptional people? It’s assumed that exceptional people were born with more physical or mental talent, but that’s not always true. In this book, Dr. Rotella gives the reader tips from his experience working with prominent business executives, all-star athletes, best-selling recording artists and others on how you can change your way of thinking in order to reach your goal.


by Rachel Maddow
Recommended by Wade Clouse | Senior Vice President, Operations & CCO 

A compelling look at the Oil and Gas Industry, the players involved and the fortunes won and lost. The global impacts of the industry have been well documented but it is amazing how little things have changed and how countries that discover “black gold” are often in worse shape after the discovery despite the wealth they receive. The book also provides some interesting history on the booms and busts of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City Thunder.


8 Books for Your Summer Reading List - Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Beneath a Scarlet Sky
by Mark Sullivan

Recommended by Andrea Coleman, CAIA | Director of Sales, East Coast Region

It is the incredible story of a young Italian man, Pino Lella, during WWII. The book is about his experiences during the war and how he went from being a teenager looking for love to a mountain climber helping refugees escape from Italy to Switzerland and then ultimately enlisting as a German soldier and serving as a spy for the allied troops. The story was incredibly engaging, but also spoke to me about resilience and how if you care and are courageous, one person can truly make a difference.


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