7 Books for Your Summer Reading List

Summer is here and that means many of us will be hitting the out of office button for a mid-year break. Whether you are heading to the beach or having a stay-cation, it’s a good time to do some summer reading. So, we asked our 361 team for some recommendations to add to your shopping cart.

Bad Blood | 361 Capital Blog
Bad Blood 
by John Carreyrou
Recommended by Aditya Bhave | Portfolio Manager, Managed Futures

The rise and fall of one of the biggest Silicon Valley unicorns. A great investigative journalist book showing the depths of deception that Elizabeth Holmes went to and how everyone believed her.



Educated | 361 Capital Blog
by Tara Westover
Recommended by Josh Vail, CAIA | President

Only in America can one person’s “two” lives be possible. In this incredible story, you’ll read how Tara Westover came from a family of survivalists, was given no formal education, never allowed to see a doctor and suffered violent abuse. She then taught herself enough mathematics and grammar to be admitted to Brigham Young University and that journey led to a Ph.D. …from Cambridge. It’s an incredible read about internal strength, fears and the impact family dynamics have on both.


The Moment of Lift | 361 Capital Blog
The Moment of Lift 
by Melinda Gates

Recommended by Blaine Rollins, CFA | Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

Easily my favorite book of 2019. If ending human suffering is the goal, then the Gates Foundation is performing in the top decile. Through basic science, the Gates Foundation has helped tens of millions of people in its war on mosquitoes and its push for global vaccinations. But more important has been its efforts to elevate the status of women around the world and the positive effects this has brought for all of planet Earth. Some of the stories are tough to read but all of them are important.


David and Goliath | 361 Capital Blog
David and Goliath 
by Malcolm Gladwell

Recommended by Dillon Pierce | Sales Coordinator

This book helps change your perspective on perceived weaknesses and helps you understand the strength that is gained from adversity. It starts with a story that everyone is familiar with in David versus Goliath, and it helps you see how David actually had the upper hand in this matchup. There are additional stories, some familiar to all and some not, but you will see the world and your hardships differently after you read it.


Where the Crawdad Sings | 361 Capital Blog
Where the Crawdads Sing 
by Delia Owens

Recommended by Andrea Coleman, CAIA | Director of Sales, Northeast Region

Coming of age story of an incredibly poor abandoned child in the North Carolina marshlands. The story follows Kya’s life and how without any standard education or structure around her life, she was able to find companionship, professorial-like expertise in the nature around her and a fulfilling life free of the material world. Oh, and there’s a murder mystery too.


Hillbilly Elegy | 361 Capital Blog
Hillbilly Elegy 
by J.D. Vance

Recommended by Toller Miller | Vice President, Director of Sales

Incredibly powerful memoir of what it’s like to grow up “Appalachian”.  It depicts the real struggles that these people have had, the jobs they’ve lost and how many have struggled to overcome. Most have strong family roots and morals, but many have lost them alongside the struggles they’ve faced. Thought provoking and eye opening regarding the power of accountability, blame and education.


Why We Sleep | 361 Capital Blog
Why We Sleep
by Matthew Walker

Recommended by Mary Pettit | Director, Content Marketing

Years ago, my brother who is a family practice doctor, told me, “Sleep is the best exercise you can do for yourself.” I have jokingly used that excuse over the years to get out of many workouts but reading this book really does give you the science behind it. From cancer to weight loss to depression, sleep is the key to your overall health and this book will have you changing your lifestyle within the first few chapters.

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