Character Counts

The Boston Marathon, also known as Marathon Monday, is a big day for many of us runners here at 361 Capital—whether we’re racing, supporting friends and family or simply watching for the love of the sport. This year was as exciting as ever as, for the first time since 1985, an American woman claimed the Boston Marathon title. The forecast for the race looked gloomy with rain, wind and temperatures in the high 30’s. Anyone who follows distance running, and marathons, knows that the African countries have dominated the sport for years. The race was stacked with some of the best American distance runners to date—Shalane Flanagan, Des Linden and Molly Huddle to name a few. This year, there was much talk prior if this was finally the year where an American could take the crown to break the 33-year drought.

Des Linden, the 2018 Boston Marathon champion, is known as a “tough” runner. She’s laser focused, and grinds—she logs very high mileage in her training, isn’t afraid take the lead and push the pace in races and has a relentless will to win. But, above all, she’s a class act. During the race today, fellow American standout, Shalane Flanagan, had to make a bathroom stop—something very uncommon for a professional runner of her level. However, Linden slowed her pace to wait for Flanagan at her pit stop so that Flanagan had someone to work with to get back to the lead pack. This act alone shows how the American runners were in it together to ensure that an American won this year’s race.

To sum up Linden simply, here’s one of her recent Tweets:

Linden’s grit, character and victory are examples of how running so closely parallels business. What you put in is what you get out. Who you surround yourself with, the character of your team, your training and grind matters—everyday. Now ask yourself: are you surrounding your business with the best people for success? Is your team working towards a common goal and willing to put the team before themselves? Does your business make the choice every day to try and be better?

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