Top 5 Reads of the Week | April 3, 2019

Top 5 Reads of the Week | 1843 MagazineDeepMind and Google: the battle to
control artificial intelligence

by Hal Hodson | 1843 Magazine

“Much of DeepMind’s work with AlphaGo lay in constructing a reward function compatible with such a complex game. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t offer simple rewards. Progress is rarely measured by single scores.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | Confessions of a Supply Side LiberalThe Cost of Inflation
by Miles Kimball | Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal

“So when inflation is low it is easy to know in at least one direction what probably won’t happen. And when inflation is low, it is probably because a central bank thought low inflation was good, up to a point, which makes it even clearer what is likely to happen to inflation.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | WiredThe True Dollar Cost of the Anti-
Vaccine Movement

by Maryn McKenna | WIRED

“State and federal budgets are public money—which means those necessary bills for unnecessary outbreaks are being paid by all of us. The toll of illness may be confined to individuals, but the cost of responding to outbreaks related to vaccine refusal is a bill that we are all being compelled to pay.”

Top 5 Reads of the Week | The Investor's Field GuideThe Four Sources of Alpha with
Michael Mauboussin

by Patrick O’Shaughnessy | The Investor’s Field Guide

“The framing of the conversation is the brilliant question “who is on the other side” of a given trade. If you are buying, who is selling, and why? Knowing the answer to this question is one key to understanding where excess return comes from.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | Gates Notes

We should discuss soil as much as
we talk about coal

by Bill Gates | Gates Notes

“But when soil gets disturbed—like it does when you convert a forest into cropland—all that stored carbon gets released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. That’s one reason why deforestation alone is responsible for 11 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.”