Top 5 Reads of the Week | August 14, 2019

Top 5 Reads of the Week | WSJMoney Is Pouring Into Low-Volatility Funds
by Gerrard Cowan | The Wall Street Journal

“Mr. Nadig says investors may want to consider multifactor funds that focus on low volatility and another factor, such as momentum. These types of funds could potentially provide versatility in different market environments, he says.”



Top 5 Reads of the Week | NPRA Century Later: The Treaty of Versailles And Its
Rejection Of Racial Equality

by Josh Axelrod | NPR

“Japan’s Racial Equality Proposal would have strengthened Wilson’s call for self-governance and equal opportunity. Yet, when the victors signed the treaty, that language was nowhere to be found.” 


Top 5 Reads of the Week | BloombergAsset Managers With $74 Trillion on Brink
of Historic Shakeout

by Suzy Waite, Annie Massa and Christopher Cannon | Bloomberg

“In this new environment, the beneficiaries have been the world’s largest asset managers, who are wielding far more influence and increasingly attracting a larger share of investor money. They’ve been able to take advantage of their size to keep overall expenses down and help make up for lower fees.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | Collaborative FundThe Laws of Investing
by Morgan Housel | Collaborative Fund

“A theme here is that investing is not just the study of finance. It’s the study of how people behave with money. So most of these “laws” describe a universal feature of how people respond to risk, reward, and scarcity.”



Top 5 Reads of the Week | Bloomberg Businessweek

The Non-Weirdness of Negative Interest Rates
by Joe Weisenthal | Bloomberg

“In other words, to store money at a bank requires the existence of some other borrower who will pay the bank. As such, just as you’ll pay more to store grain when grain is abundant and warehouse space is scarce, you have to pay more to hold money when savings are abundant but demand for borrowing is scarce.”