Top 5 Reads of the Week | March 19, 2019

Top 5 Reads of the Week | NYTThis 8-Year-Old Chess Champion
Will Make You Smile

by Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times

“What’s even more extraordinary is that Tani, as he is known, learned chess only a bit more than a year ago. His play has skyrocketed month by month, and he now has seven trophies by his bed in the homeless shelter.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | ProfGallowayHow I Got Here
by Scott Galloway | No Mercy/No Malice

“And let’s be honest, any appraisal of a 17-year-old is an appraisal of their parents. Your son wearing your old Stanford shirt until he gets rejected and ends up at UNLV is the grist for our budding revolution where people give up on capitalism and turn to populism or PG-13 socialism.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | Your Brain on StocksA Mirror Onto Ourselves
by Brendan Mullooly, CFP | Your Brain on Stocks

“Realizing that behavioral biases manifest not due to stupidity but because of our humanity was a turning point for me. I attempt to remind myself of this point whenever I catch myself using behavioral finance as a window instead of a mirror. It’s a constant struggle, and I am far from perfect with it, but it helps deflate my ego.”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | Farnam StreetThe Stormtrooper Problem: Why
Thought Diversity Makes Us Better

by Farnam Street

“You can’t adapt if you have nothing to adapt. If we are all the same, if we’ve wiped out every difference because we find it less challenging, then we increase our vulnerability to complete extinction. Are we too much alike to survive unforeseen challenges?”


Top 5 Reads of the Week | WSJ

Is Now the Time for Active Investing
to Make a Comeback?

by The Wall Street Journal

“Active management also provides protection in volatile markets. Indexed products tend to be highly correlated with markets, and with each other. Active managers, by contrast, can provide not only useful diversification but also increased downside protection.”