• True Diversification  

    The Outliers

    October 15, 2020
    Andrea Coleman, CAIA

    In last week’s blog, we examined the wide dispersion in the long/short equity category, including a couple of funds that have had incredible performance in 2020. We too were curious about this performance, so we thought we’d look a bit closer at these strategies, including how it has impacted their longer-term results. Additionally in this blog, we’ll discuss things to consider when doing due diligence in a category that can be difficult to evaluate.


    Holy Dispersion Batman!

    October 09, 2020
    Andrea Coleman, CAIA

    2020 has been interesting for about a million reasons, all of which we won’t get into here. But one thing it’s highlighted in our little corner of the investment universe is the massive dispersion that exists in the long/short equity category.