• How Strong is Your Portfolio  

    You may or may not recognize this photo; it was taken after Hurricane Michael hit Florida in October of 2018. After the storm, a picture of this house kept appearing in various news articles because it was one of the only homes still standing in the hardest hit area—Mexico Beach, Florida.


    One of my least favorite things about prognosticators, whether it be sports, investments or Oscar favorites, is that when people make predictions, they only bring them up again when they are right. It is rare when people look back and say, “Wow, was I wrong. You definitely shouldn’t have listened to me.” Well, I’m not a prognosticator, but I am here to shake up that trend and grab my fork to eat some crow.

  • Is Portfolio Diversification Dead?  

    We have all heard of the virtues of portfolio diversification, learned about them in school, and have Markowitz’s quote (“the only free lunch in finance”) tattooed on us. But since 2010, in one of the strongest bull markets ever (we can debate when a bull market starts at a later time), does it still make sense to diversify your portfolio?

  • Institutional Investors Begin to Show Their Hands  

    In a recent piece, KKR’s Henry McVey said the following:

    “Simply stated, we don’t want to own long-duration government bonds when governments around the world have shifted their tool kits from monetary stimulus to fiscal…

  • True Diversification  

    In early February, volatility, long absent, made a comeback, as global equity markets sold off and the VIX experienced its largest one day move ever, jumping 116% on the 5th. This was prompted in part by rising inflation fears that pushed bond yields higher around the globe. So, where does that leave us?