• Choosing a Managed Futures Fund

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    If you are invested in managed futures, you know how difficult the past decade has been. Low interest rates, low volatility and the lack of significant trends have led to muted returns. However, it has not changed the historical profile of the strategy i.e., being additive as an uncorrelated component of an investor portfolio.

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  • The Importance of Downside Protection

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    The ability to pare back losses during the inevitable downturns that come with investing, may actually matter more to the end goal than eking out every bit of a bull market’s gains. As the current U.S. equity bull market continues—the longest run ever—the importance of mitigating loss is worth remembering.


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  • Wall Street Mood MonitorTM

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    The Wall Street Mood Monitor is a three-factor model gauging the climate or “mood” for active management within each sector. The factors include sentiment, earnings trends and correlations. Find out which sectors may be a sweet spot for active management.


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  • Differences Among Long/Short Equity Funds

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    Long/short equity funds are one of the largest categories of single-strategy alternative mutual funds Morningstar tracks. Beware: the fund lineup is as diverse as it is deep. Individual long/short fund characteristics vary considerably. Without careful analysis, advisors risk picking a fund that performs quite differently than expected, or invites unintended risks into their client’s portfolio.

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  • Understanding Alternative Funds

    As alternative mutual funds proliferate, Morningstar faces a classification conundrum: How can single categories include funds with entirely different characteristics? The question has deep implications for advisors.



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