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Hedged Equity May Help You Gain More by Losing Less

This chart illustrates the four largest market drops during drawdown periods* and how the 361 Domestic Long/Short Equity Fund captured less drawdown than the MSCI World Index, while maintaining an average net exposure of 70%. Reduced drawdowns may improve a client’s overall experience—keeping them invested across market cycles so that assets can continue to work

History Suggest Low Return Following a Pandemic

Response of the European real natural rate of interest following pandemics and wars Read Full Paper > Source: Jorda, Oscar, Sanjay R. Singh, Alan M. Taylor. 2020. “Longer-Run Economic Consequences of Pandemics,” Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Working Paper 2020-09. Notes: Response calculated using Equation 4 from paper. Shaded areas are 1 and 2

Seeking Alpha While Managing Risk

361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund This chart shows the Fund’s compelling statistical performance for the 5-year period ending December 31, 2019. Download PDF > Learn more about the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund >

Consider Alternatives to Traditional Markets

Historically, Alternatives Have Provided a Valuable Source of Additional Return The table below shows annual returns for Stocks, Bonds and Alternatives from 1994-2019. Since 1994, alternatives have outperformed at least one element of an investor’s core* portfolio 77% of the time. Download PDF >

Managed Futures Performance in Equity Crises

Uncorrelated Positive Returns During Drawdowns Managed Futures have historically provided an uncorrelated positive return during some of the most difficult times for equity markets since 1987. While the past 10 years have been exceptionally strong for equities, managed futures have shown to be a valuable component of diversified portfolios during market crises. Download PDF >

Portfolios with Uncorrelated Assets May Have a Smoother Experience

Modern Portfolio Theory suggests an efficient way to invest over time is to build a portfolio comprised of multiple uncorrelated asset classes. For investors looking for uncorrelated strategies, managed futures are one of the few alternatives that provide truly uncorrelated exposure. Download PDF >

Managed Futures: Styles

Trend Following Traditional trend followers typically use proprietary trading systems and establish long or short positions in various futures markets. They often use intermediate or long term signals to put on trades. Counter Trend Short-term strategy that looks to take contrarian positions in markets seeking mean reversion. Not opposite of trend following, just a very

Long/Short Equity in Down or Choppy Markets

Value Added During Difficult Equity Markets Hedged equity strategies are expected to trail the S&P 500 Index during strong equity rallies and outperform in falling or choppy markets. While the number of up market periods surpassed both the number of down and choppy periods over the last 20 years, Long/Short Equity’s performance in difficult markets

Reducing Stock Market Drawdowns

Investors may want to consider strategies that seek to minimize drawdowns to potentially better position portfolios to compound returns when stocks recover. Smaller drawdowns also dampen the psychological impact of market losses and keep investors from abandoning stocks at the wrong time. Download PDF >