Category: News Exploiting the Low Volatility Anomaly

Harin de Silva, Ph.D., CFA, portfolio manager of the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund (AGAZX | AGAQX) was recently interviewed by to discuss the fund and its strategy which seeks equity-like returns while managing risk. Read the full article > % Total Returns As of 12/31/2018* * Returns shown over one year are annualized.

Preventative Medicine

Investors need to be preparing for the next downturn now, precisely because predicting the timing of such an event is near impossible, and we know that our starting point in terms of valuations is ominous. Investors need to be thinking about how to build portfolios in a materially different way from what they have done

Interview with Blaine Rollins

Blaine Rollins, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager and Author of the Weekly Research Briefing Blaine Rollins, CFA, author of the 361 Weekly Research Briefing was interviewed by Chuck Jaffe for the February 7, 2018 edition of “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe,” a daily podcast. With the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s over 1,100 point drop on

Charting a New Course With Alts

Professional investors face a daunting challenge: how to generate real returns sufficient to meet the needs of clients over the next decade or so, while protecting against the inevitability of bear markets and black swans. We believe that this will be the defining challenge for the advisory industry over the next decade, and it won’t

Commentary: Bounded Rationality: Tapping Investor Behavior to Source Alpha

Evidence suggests behavioral biases creep into the expectations of even the most sophisticated investors — in this case Wall Street analysts. Their influence on stock prices offers a potential source of alpha; if investors can predict how behavioral biases will shape a Wall Street analyst’s estimates, investors might capture excess returns as the market responds