361 Capital World Cup Challenge

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup captures the hearts of soccer fans globally. The World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world, as well as the most followed and widely viewed sporting event—exceeding even the Olympic Games.

361 Capital World Cup Challenge

Thank you for your interest, however the entry deadline for the Challenge has passed.

The Final…

  • France took home the 2018 World Cup
  • Only 7.14% of entrants correctly picked this year’s World Cup Champion.
  • 92.86% of all entrants incorrectly picked this year’s World Cup winner.

Largest Country Market Gain – The Tie Breaker


With a strong mean reversion from the beginning of the World Cup (and prior), the entrant favorite, Brazil, grabbed the #1 rank with a return of 7.28%.

Entrants were accurate in their selections as 13% correctly chose Brazil as the market leader. Host country, Russia, received the second most votes and ended in the #2 position.








Country Markets

28ArgentinaMERVAL -11.95%
16AustraliaASX -1.53%
12BelgiumBEL20 -0.69%
1BrazilIBOV  7.28%
10ColombiaCOLCAP -0.14%
13CroatiaCRO -0.97%
5DenmarkKFX   2.01%
18EgyptEGX30 -2.10%^
15EnglandUKX -1.34%
17FranceCAC -1.80%
25GermanyDAX -4.32%
27IcelandICEXI -4.32%
11JapanNKY -0.62% 
4MexicoMEXBOL   2.56%
26MoroccoMXMA -5.81%**
23NigeriaNGSEINDX -3.94%
8PanamaBVPSBVPS   0.48%^
21PeruMXPE -3.50%**
22PolandWIG20 -3.63%
14PortugalPSI20 -1.03%
2RussiaIMOEX  4.12%
7Saudi ArabiaSASEIDX  1.11%^
9SerbiaBELEX15  0.00%
24South KoreaKOSPI2  -4.03%
19SpainIBEX  -2.24% 
20SwedenOMX  -2.34%
6SwitzerlandSMI   1.96%
3TunisiaTUSISE   3.75%
29UruguayIRUBEVSA  -12.71%^

*Return is cumulative from June 14, 2018 – July 13, 2018. The return is calculated daily as of 2 pm MT. Source: Bloomberg. Costa Rica, Iran and Senegal excluded due to no country market data available via Bloomberg.
^Market closed due to holiday or no data reported. **Peru and Morocco data has a full day posting lag.