• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Who Doesn't Like an Advent Calendar?

    December 10, 2018

    Unfortunately the negative market influences continue to pile up on the negative side of the ledger. As a result, Santa still likes you but he hates your investment portfolio this year. Here is what Santa has hidden behind the doors of the 2018 Investment Portfolio Advent Calendar this year…

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  • Man vs. Machine: An Introduction to Quantitative Investing

    Over the years, quantitative investing has become a popularly debated topic in our industry, causing many investors to choose a corner in the man vs. machine ring. However, we challenge that one-sided mindset as we believe there is a fit for quantitatively managed investments in every portfolio.

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  • Managed Futures:
    What You Need to Know


    The algorithms underpinning managed futures strategies may be complex, but the strategy’s purpose is simple. In a single word: diversification. The following article shares the basics about managed futures strategies, explaining what they are, how they work, and most importantly, their role as a diversifier within a broader portfolio.

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  • Back to the Basics: The Utility of Alternatives

    Despite volatility in the market, equities remain strong overall, but it is exactly at these moments when investors must give careful consideration to the characteristics of the various tools that can be employed within a diversified portfolio.

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  • The Math of a Big Loss

    The Math of a Big Loss

    The numbers are in—and stark. An individual decides to retire after a lifetime of hard work just as the market falls. An investment portfolio subject to market returns would therefore be negatively impacted, and the potential outsized effect could come as a shock.

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