• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Holiday Retail Special...

    December 2, 2019

    As you wind up your Cyber Monday shopping, we thought it would be interesting to focus in on some of the current trends in retail and take a look at what the stock market is seeing in the stocks. So grab a cup of eggnog, turn on your Netflix fire log and scroll down.

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  • The Proper Role of Managed Futures in a Portfolio

    Thumbnail of article: The Proper Role of Managed Futures in a Portfolio

    Turns out while many investors think of managed futures as a hedge, that is not the point of the strategy, instead it is meant to be a source of uncorrelated returns for a portfolio. To be fair, they have historically performed fairly well in tough markets for equities, but that is not always going to be the case, nor is it the goal of the approach.

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  • Choosing a Managed Futures Fund

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    If you are invested in managed futures, you know how difficult the past decade has been. Low interest rates, low volatility and the lack of significant trends have led to muted returns. However, it has not changed the historical profile of the strategy i.e., being additive as an uncorrelated component of an investor portfolio.

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  • Back to the Basics: The Utility of Alternatives

    The Utility of Alternatives

    Despite volatility in the market, equities remain strong overall, but it is exactly at these moments when investors must give careful consideration to the characteristics of the various tools that can be employed within a diversified portfolio.



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  • What are Managed Futures?

    What are Managed Futures?

    The algorithms underpinning managed futures strategies may be complex, but the strategy’s purpose is simple. In a single word: diversification. The following article shares the basics about managed futures strategies, explaining what they are, how they work, and most importantly, their role as a diversifier within a broader portfolio.



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