October Monthly Snapshot

361 Managed Futures Strategy Fund &
361 Global Managed Futures Strategy Fund

The S&P 500 Index gained 2.33% while the MSCI World Index was up 1.92% in October—extending the double digit gains already accumulated in 2017. In addition to low volatility, nearly every market we trade exhibited low noise, resulting in limited back and forth movement. Despite this headwind, both the 361 Global Managed Futures Strategy Fund (AGFZX) and the 361 Managed Futures Strategy Fund (AMFZX) were able to generate gains during the month, earning 0.87% and 2.29% respectively.

AMFZX performance was driven primarily by NASDAQ 100 and Russell 2000 Index trading. AGFZX returns were a result of strong performance from South Korean and Hong Kong trading. In AGFZX, European trading detracted from performance as losses from short trades dampened gains generated from long index trades. The DAX Index was the single largest detractor during the month for AGFZX. Both portfolios continue to generate positive returns in an uncorrelated fashion.