• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Cracks Forming...

    August 12, 2019

    The September 1st tariffs on the rest of China’s imports are looming large and causing the U.S. Economy to slow down further. The big move in the U.S. Treasury market is confirming this fact. If the tariffs are implemented, the ball will then fall into the Fed’s court to try save the U.S. from entering a recession. 

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  • Wall Street Mood Monitor

    Second Quarter 2019
    Thumbnail of 2Q19 Wall Street Mood Monitor

    Businesses delivered another quarter of strong earnings results but the mood on Wall Street remains glum; In June, analysts revised earnings estimates downward at the highest rate in more than three years.




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  • Is Your Portfolio Prepared for a
    Market Drawdown?

    Is Your Portfolio Prepared for a Market Drawdown?

    Humans seem hard-wired to emphasize offensive gains—both in investing and sports. Basketball games are remembered by fast-break slam dunks, not the steals that create them. Investing is no different. Bull markets command attention causing investors to focus more on the gains in their portfolios, and less on the portfolio’s ability to protect, in the event of a market drawdown.


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  • Reducing Market Volatility Using Hedged Equity

    Reducing Market Volatility Using Hedged Equity thumbnail

    The ability to pare back losses during the inevitable downturns that come with investing, as hedged equity strategies can provide, may actually matter more to the end goal than eking out every bit of a bull market’s gains.






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  • The Math of a Big Loss

    The Math of a Big Loss

    The numbers are in—and stark. An individual decides to retire after a lifetime of hard work just as the market falls. An investment portfolio subject to market returns would therefore be negatively impacted, and the potential outsized effect could come as a shock.


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