• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Holding On

    January 14, 2019

    Who has it easier? This climber or a Federal Reserve Board Member? After last week’s member talks and interviews, it would seem that the Fed Board has backed their Chairman Powell and will hold firmly on rates for now. Not only has the broad macro data gotten worse…

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  • Alternatives Demystified: A Simple Framework for Preparing for a Bear Market


    Ten years after the financial crisis—followed by a record-long bull market —investment advice is at a critical turning point: from participation to preservation. Alternatives can play a valuable role in hedging equity market risk but with so many different strategies—many of which are unfamiliar to clients—advisors need a framework for explaining the various strategies and their role.

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  • Managed Futures:
    What You Need to Know


    The algorithms underpinning managed futures strategies may be complex, but the strategy’s purpose is simple. In a single word: diversification. The following article shares the basics about managed futures strategies, explaining what they are, how they work, and most importantly, their role as a diversifier within a broader portfolio.

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  • Trend Following Isn’t the Only Managed Futures Strategy

    Trend Following Isn

    Part of building a resilient portfolio is incorporating true diversifiers, such as managed futures, which offer little to no correlation to the broad markets. However, trend following isn’t the only managed futures strategy—there is also a niche of managed futures funds employing counter-trend trading models.

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  • Back to the Basics: The Utility of Alternatives

    Despite volatility in the market, equities remain strong overall, but it is exactly at these moments when investors must give careful consideration to the characteristics of the various tools that can be employed within a diversified portfolio.

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