• Weekly Research Briefing:
    Vaccine Mondays on Repeat

    November 23, 2020

    Another Monday, another vaccine announcement, and another surge higher in the stock market. Let’s never get tired of this trifecta. Today, it was Astra Zeneca and Oxford’s turn to put their trial results up on stage. While the initial results were not as positive in efficacy as the Pfizer and Moderna results, they did show that a tweak in the trial would achieve 90% efficacy.


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  • The New Core Allocation:
    Long/Short Equity

    Core Allocation Long Short Equity

    With uncertain equity markets, the potential for subdued-to-negative economic growth looming, and a bleak outlook for fixed income, advisors are challenged to rethink foundational portfolio elements of investor portfolios—which means seeking out strategies that bolster the core going forward.

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  • Back to the Basics: The Utility of Alternatives

    The Utility of Alternatives

    Despite uncertainty in the market, equities remain strong overall and investors could be forgiven for questioning the role of alternative strategies in their portfolios. But it is exactly at these moments when investors must think anew, giving careful consideration to the characteristics of the various tools that can be employed within a diversified portfolio.

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  • What is a Long/Short Equity Strategy?

    What is a Long/Short Equity Strategy?

    Long/short equity funds make up the largest single-strategy alternative mutual fund category, but their popularity hasn’t always translated into proper placement within a portfolio. The primary benefits of long/short equity funds are often underappreciated, and worse yet, the strategy is often square-pegged into an “alternatives” allocation of a client’s asset mix where it may provide less value.

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  • Adding Alpha and Keeping Clients Invested

    Adding Alpha and Keeping Clients Invested

    In the next few years, a client’s evaluation of their advisor will boil down to the professional’s ability to do two things: add alpha and keep them invested. True, these have always been core components of an advisor’s role, but in the coming years they will take on added significance. Why? It’s a function of a low-return environment, and the psychological roller coaster that is likely to unfold.

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